At some point during 2016, Josh Franceschi must have listened to Royal Blood, and liked them a lot. That is the only explanation for the titular and opening track of Night People, an album which at first sounds like a hodge-podge of various bands – if I hadn’t known what band I was listening to at the time, I would have sworn that individual songs on this album were written by Kings of Leon, Nothing But Thieves, or The Black Keys, only differentiated by the accent.

However, while it may be wholly unrepresentative of the album as a whole – a driving, fuzzy beast of track – it serves as a prelude to an accomplished album that provides a better package than any previous offering from You Me At Six. Closer in style to the band’s older albums than to Cavalier YouthNight People does not address some of the gripes that at this point are endemic to You Me At Six – for instance uninventive lyrics and a seeming allergy to proper scanning.

However, what it does do is present the most polished version of the band yet. While some may criticize them for leaving their alternative roots behind, this album remains a series of catchy rock anthems that never really dip in quality. Even the ballads on the album are at least competent, and overall the album provides an enjoyable first listen, and bears repeating. While nothing on this album could be considered a rock classic, Night People is nevertheless well worth a listen, and is unlikely to disappoint even more rabid fans of the alternative scene.

Best Tracks

Night People, Plus One, Make Your Move

Rating: Good