Adam Darski, most commonly known simply as “Nergal” is one of Metal’s most well-known and influential musicians, as the front man for Blackened Death Metal outfit Behemoth he is recognised for his powerful demonic vocals, his intricate riffs and his satanic persona – and he’s back with his first release since Behemoth’s fantastic The Satanist. This time however, he is with a new musical project called Me and That Man, and while the music itself is much less extreme than his previous outings, it’s still just as dark.

My Church is Black is the first, and as of writing this review; the only single released by Darski’s new project, if you were expecting this to be as metal as Behemoth, you might be disappointed. Despite the song title and creepy outwork, from the first strum of the mildly distorted chords you can already tell that this track is much more Blues than Black Metal. This certainly isn’t a bad thing. This song features a delicate blend of dark, moody and somewhat melancholic blues riffage with some western country style harmonica melodies layered on top, which aesthetically is very pleasing. After a short instrumental intro, Nergal’s vocals kick in, they’re deep, clean and melodic with a light layer of distortion that feels and sounds natural. The song actually really reminds me of the acoustic performances on Marilyn Manson’s Pale Emperor album, from the guitar playing to the production and the vocal melodies. Which is strange considering this was released on the same label.

Just like The Pale Emperor, this track proves that rock music doesn’t have to be overly complex and thematically interesting to be good; in fact simplicity can be a beneficial quality. The song’s lyrics aren’t overly complex or deep, they’re somewhat repetitive and yet still manage to illustrate the song’s theme and mood effectively. I think one of the factors that prevent this from getting boring is the song’s length, at only 2:58 the song manages to stop itself from becoming dreary and a chore to listen to. Short, sweet and concise as well as enjoyable, this is a good start to Me and That Man’s musical ventures, it may not be the most original song conceptually or musically, but if you’re looking for some damn enjoyable Blues rock with a dark twist akin to that of Nick Cave or Marilyn Manson’s later works then this may be very well worth your time.

Overall rating: Good