The Music Box reviews score albums based on a descriptive rating system, backed up by the text in the article. Albums are scored on the following scale:

Classic – These albums are timeless pieces of work, whose impact will be felt for decades; a true rarity in the music industry. Additionally, all reviewers on The Music Box must unanimously decide an album is worthy of this rating for it to be awarded.

Excellent – These albums are exceptional pieces of work, that nevertheless maybe do not innovate enough to be true classics.

Good – These albums are well-made and performed, but maybe do not have the memorability of an album classified as excellent.

Average – These albums don’t do enough inventive or new to be considered good, but are at least competent overall.

Poor – These albums are below-par, but potentially have some good songs or definable qualities.

Bad – These albums are well below the standard of quality expected from published music, but have at least some redeemable features.

Awful – These albums contain absolutely nothing of merit, and listening to them is considered to be an active waste of time.