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okay. – AS IT IS

If I had to summarize okay.  to you in three words, it would be "definitely pop-punk". Almost everything that is done on this album is pretty rote, from the basic chord progressions, to the style of the vocals, to the simple... Continue Reading →


Vessels – Starset

Recently, I declared the main saving grace of Jacob Sartorius' Last Text EP to be its brief running time. Vessels is the complete antithesis to this, weighing in at a colossal 1 hour and 10 minutes. This would not be a problem if... Continue Reading →

My Church is Black (single) – Me and That Man

Adam Darski, most commonly known simply as “Nergal” is one of Metal’s most well-known and influential musicians, as the front man for Blackened Death Metal outfit Behemoth he is recognised for his powerful demonic vocals, his intricate riffs and his... Continue Reading →

The Last Text EP – Jacob Sartorius

The highest praise that I can muster for The Last Text EP is that it is mercifully short. There are other minor positive details, but they are few and far between in a dreary sea of committee-produced pop. A little background... Continue Reading →

Forever – Code Orange

Metalcore is not something that is well respected in the Metal community, it’s often charged with relying heavily on formulaic songwriting and overuse of boring breakdowns that don’t really display either skill or creativity. Code Orange however clearly set out... Continue Reading →

Modern Ruin – Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes

Let me preface this review with somewhat of a disclaimer. I do not dislike punk, I do not dislike screaming in music, and indeed I do not dislike this album. It's just, as with all kinds of music, I believe... Continue Reading →

AFI (The Blood Album) – AFI

I don't often tend to reach for punk rock or emo in my everyday life, and this album reminds me why. AFI is a band that has developed its sound over the years and this album screams a band that is very... Continue Reading →

Healed by Metal – Grave Digger

Healed by Metal is the 18th studio album by German power metal band Grave Digger, and if you were thinking to yourself “wow, 18 studio albums, they must have run out of ideas by now”, you’d be right. This album... Continue Reading →

Only the Lonely – Colony House

It's rare that I find indie rock enjoyable. The obsessive naval-gazing and unrestrained addiction to reverb that plagues this genre often makes it a chore to listen to, as melodies and rhythms give way to an unassailable wall of drivel... Continue Reading →

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